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Seamless Collaborative Environment

  • Fully web-enabled and mobile systems
  • User-centric and event-driven data sharing architecture 
  • Individual users can communicate to one or many or all data sources
  • Intelligent Integrated Operation

Open Platform – Web 2.0 ready

  • True multi-party collaboration 
  • Zero configuration for autonomous operational ability
  • Cross-platform mobile computing, leveraging cloud hosting environment 
  • Efficient scalable storage and distribution of multi-service data 
  • Reduced communication cost through efficient data transport

Data Integrity Management

  • Clear data ownership structure allows data source to manage and QC their data distribution, from reception to presentation to end users.
  • Full implementation of industry security best practices 
  • Flexible, but tight sharing control of data 
  • Comprehensive data replication with precise version control 
  • Enterprise-level Cloud Service for highest data availability & integrity management



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